Meta staff nicknamed Mark Zuckerberg after the Lord of the Rings character.

Meta staff nicknamed Mark Zuckerberg after the Lord of the Rings character.

Last October, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook has announced it will change its name. In fact, created by entrepreneurs Meta, His company’s new name, is aimed at betting on a connected and exponential future. From this name change, a special nickname was also given to Mark Zuckerberg. You will see.

What is a meta?

Last October, Mark Zuckerberg Therefore changed the name of its company. He is no more Facebook CEO But of the meta. If the Facebook application does not change its name, the company as a whole will become a meta. A change explained by the millionaire in these terms:

Our brand is tied to a product that does not represent everything we do today. In the end, I hope we will be seen as a metawares company. Our mission remains the same: to bring people together. Our apps and brands have not changed

His empire is not limited to Facebook, he also has the opportunity to recall that he owns Instagram, WhatsApp or Oculus.

Nickname of Mark Zuckerberg

In a recent interview with Tim Ferris (host of the podcast), the advertiser explained that his staff call it the “Souron’s Eye” and that he likes this comparison:

I think some people who work in the business say it fondly, but they sometimes refer to my focus as Sauron.

He clarified that this nickname mainly refers to his name “Infinite Energy” And no The ghost aspect of the character. Anyway, it’s his version of facts … maybe his staff is trying to compare him negatively to the bad villain. Head of rings. The comparison of Tolkien with the Lord of Absolute Evil in the universe is indeed so disgraceful that He sees everything and hears everything. The connection with his activities is also very cool, this nickname reminds us of it Mark Zuckerberg sees and hears everything through his countless apps. Moreover, although Zuckerberg claims to have a good relationship with his employees, Silicon Valley is known to stimulate productivity and working hours. To the pinnacle of indecency.

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