L’Expression: National – Trained students

Une situation délicate pour les étudiants

What exactly is going on at the Abdelhawk Benhamauda Vocational Training Center in CD Mabrook, Constantine? Why did the training stop for the benefit of the students? Why, in particular, has the computer branch of the Federation of Networks opened in Algeria and is of interest to many young people? Training provided by the American company “Cisco Systems”. An IT company first specialized in network hardware (routers and Ethernet switches) and servers since 2009. Its programs are taught all over the world, including Algeria. Like other vocational training centers in Constantine and Algeria, CD benefited from the opening of this branch, which teaches at Mabrook’s center. However, for some time we have been moving away from the essentials in this creation. The first is to suspend training classes, skip students or refuse to inform about the start of sessions. This is what we learned from the many students who enroll but suffer without a lesson. This is the case of this young AS who was denied admission to training sessions and sued in court despite confirming registration and acceptance as a student. The documents we have prove it. They also contradict the request made to the victim’s lawyer, in which one denies being expelled from training, but also his record. However, the screenshots given to us confirm that the victim acted within his rights by appreciating the deadlines (dates) that management sought to divert. Many students have been excluded from the training on the pretext that if the victim wins his case, no session will be open at this time. To exclude themselves, management put forward the excuse of Covid 19 and the coach’s sick leave. However, the end dates of the sessions and the coach’s leave did not correspond to the time indicated. According to the reason for this denial, the motus and the closed mouth. Has the facts been reported to the US company? Many great questions like the future of students who want to join their training as soon as possible.

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