He was able to photograph the astronauts exiting the ground

ISS Station Spatiale Internationale

We have all already seen ISS crossing the sky. Seen from the ground, the International Space Station looks like a beacon of light, visible only in the evening, early at night and early in the morning – it lines up the straight, very fast visible part of the sky. Path.

For details – see only the shape of the station – it is essential to be equipped with high-performance equipment that can withstand mild weather, as well as atmospheric turbulence and catch the ship at the best moment. This does not always guarantee the availability of a usable snapshot.

ISS: This unpublished photo taken from the ground shows two astronauts outside the vehicle!

When we learned that a photographer was able to clearly photograph two astronauts off the ground as an additional vehicle exited the ISS, we could not resist sharing that shot with you.

Dr. describes himself as “a doctor in the field of science photography”. We are indebted to Sebastian Voldemort for this incredible photo. So, we are talking about an expert who knows how to put on his side all the chances to lead to this rare shot.

He said: “I feel like I’ve been photographed all my life. This is the first time a photo taken from the ground has shown two ISS astronauts at the same time on a spacewalk.”Sebastian Voltmer explains.

The original photo was taken in Germany on March 23, 2022 – at a time when the station was 400 km above sea level. The two star astronauts in the photo are named Raja Sari and Matthias Maurer. The latter carried out a series of maintenance operations during a trip that lasted 7 hours.

The picture was taken by an amateur telescope between 11,000 and 8,000 euros, the C11 EdgeHD telescope – presumably a high-end SLR camera, including capture equipment.

You can appreciate the incredible result with the photographer’s tweet. King Wing appears around the Canadarm2 robot arm, while Matthias Maurer appears to have been linked to the ISS’s European Columbus unit.

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