Senegal: Thousands of Nigerian beggars deported to Niger

Senegal: Thousands of Nigerian beggars deported to Niger
The Senegalese government has announced the deportation of more than a thousand Nigerian beggars in Dakar, Senegal.
The Niger government leased two aircraft between 25 and 26 March 2022 to repatriate its nationals, including 478 children, 413 women and 162 men. They are all from Conch and Maharia, two departments of the Jinder region (Middle East), representing the Nigerian authorities.

The situation of its Nigerian citizens begging on the streets of Dakar was revealed after a TV news report in Senegal.

In a statement, the Senegalese government reaffirmed its intention to end the practice, which has tarnished Senegal’s image. Senegal officials say the government has decided to take strong measures to put an end to begging, which is tarnishing the image of our country and paving the way for the future of innocent children.

The Senegalese government wants to prosecute all those who maintain this criminal network and other activities for deporting Nigerians who beg abroad.

In Nigeria, it is planned to increase surveillance of people leaving the Jinder area in the Middle East. We need to monitor the movements of women (especially) in both the Kantch and Makharia fields. “If a transport company picks up a woman with multiple children without a valid reason () her vehicle will be shaken,” said Lovely Amado Maduko, governor of Jinder. He spoke during a meeting with leaders of the Defense and Defense Forces (FDS), traditional leaders and transport company executives.

For his part, the Nigerian Interior Minister assured him that the departure of the population to Tucker was not a fundamental suffering. The basis (for this event) is not suffering, but the organized mafia networks that carry out the kidnapping and abduction of these men, Hamadu Adamo Chloe argued. He then welcomed the first wave of returnees from Niamey, Senegal.

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