Dual Comparison: Dream F9 vs Realme TechLife

Dual Comparison: Dream F9 vs Realme TechLife

The big difference between the two robots lies in their navigation systems, especially in the tools used to operate them. While there is a laser rangefinder in the Realme, the Dream F9 adopts a slightly less precise solution for facing its camera ceiling. However, no one had trouble finding their bearings in space.

Starting around the rooms before crossing the zigzag, they work the same way. Although there are additional sensors in the tower, at the base of our two forces to detect them, we notice more differences in managing obstacles.

Reame handles obstacles well. He climbs across the chair legs, door chips and thick rugs. He also manages to get out of the legs of chairs and tables without swallowing nearby power cables. When he returns to his base, he loses some momentum and then he can be seen going under the boy.

The dream did not fight the obstacles in front of him. It goes even under thick carpets, doorways, cross chair legs and curtains – exceptionally good in our experiments! On the other hand, it contains smaller items such as better cables and slippers. Sadly, you have to help him get out of the trap, which can not be done remotely.

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