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Presidential Election 2022Case

David Savalarias, a mathematician who specializes in creating discourse and opinion on social networks, finds in the French debates the same slides that led the United States to the election of Donald Trump. Provides solutions to counter them.

A book to start warning. David Savalarias cares about our democracy. Surprising position coming from a mathematician. In Toxic data (Flammarion), the researcher is very clear and honest, creepy, “Our dangerous misalignment to the new digital array” And “How social networking sites handle our ideas”. According to him, it is very simple, our voting system and our presidential system are particularly vulnerable to dealing with ongoing manipulations through social networks.

“I followed the American debate, thanks to our tracking tools on social networks Trump’s campaign in 2016 And throughout his tenure. I watched meticulously as I descended into this hell. Today, I am very concerned to see that the same mechanisms exist in the French debate.He explains Release.

David Savalarias maps online political debate. The CNRS research division’s Institute of Complex Systems (ISC) team collects between 500,000 and 2 million tweets a day, analyzing the production of keywords such as political figures and # Presidentielle2022. “We are interested in the evolution of the interactions between these accounts.”In short

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