Mammals do not dominate due to the size of the brain

Mammals do not dominate due to the size of the brain

After the extinction of the dinosaurs, mammals were found to have their bodies growing faster than their skulls.

As dinosaurs dominated the world, due to their unequal size, when they disappeared, they were transformed into mammalian living heights. Is it because of their ingenuity? This idea, admittedly definite, has dominated for a long time, but it is increasingly being questioned. An international team has proven that the first mammals to impose themselves after the fall of the dinosaurs did not have to be as clever as one might imagine. (ScienceMarch 31, 2022)

66 million years ago, the planet experienced one of the worst episodesExtinction of species Its history. Following the fall of a meteorite, more than 70% of the non-bird dinosaurs became extinct, as did the creatures. Prior to this catastrophe, mammals lived in a very hostile environment at the mercy of super-predators for millions of years, a very harsh environment conducive to small animals. “Some mammals still ate dinosaurs,” Shadow Ornella Bertrand

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