How good are the Alexa built-in Amazon headphones?

How good are the Alexa built-in Amazon headphones?

Missing than that. Amazon Throw away his headphones True-wireless, Echo Butts. With them, the web giant continues to implement its personal assistant Alexa in our daily lives. Thus, Echo Butts allows them to summon at any time, which makes them unique. Can we set our releases to music by relying more on Amazon than Sony, JBL, Zabra, Bose or other major mobile audio brands? 20 minutes Tested these headphones sold 119 euros.

Amazon's Echo Butts sells for 119 euros.
Amazon’s Echo Butts sells for 119 euros. – Amazon

The Alexa ecosystem is getting stronger

In fact, Echo Butts is nothing new. The first generation of these True Wireless headphones was introduced in the United States in 2021 in in-ear form. So here we face “V2”. Available in black or white, Amazon headphones do not need to shine with the originality of their design. Offered in a classic storage / charging case, they ensure themselves with a certain richness and roundness of excellent classicism. Combining them with Bluetooth 5.0 means going through the Alexa app and adding them as the first or new product to your “Echo” Amazon devices.

Touch and voice commands

With the app, you can test the different tips provided with the headphones (four sizes are provided), use the very minimal balance (bass, medium, treble) to change the assignment of the touch controls or start the volume. Decrease or switch to surround mode. These last two functions can be activated by prolonged pressing on the touch surface of the headphones. Alternative (here’s your chance to try!): Ask Alexa to take care of you. It works well! “Alexa, turn down the noise!” ⁇

Anyone accustomed to living with an Amazon assistant can find a real upgrade of their favorite roommate’s functionality with Echo Butts. With it, playing music, creating reminders, accessing your calendar (Android or iOS), controlling connected objects, and making calls with others equipped with an Echo device are all children’s games. Without forgetting the eternal questions we can ask her … she will never have an answer to that. Like: “Alexa, who is the next president of the Republic?” Pronouncing “Alexa …” in the middle of the street seemed a little inappropriate to us at first, and finally, almost natural with spontaneous interactions.

Minimal service for noise reduction

For its part, the listening provided by Echo Butts is very unique. Amazon headphones can be criticized for dominating high and high mids. However, their reinforced presence does not obscure the most solid bass. Overall, the sound is clear, airy, but structured and well structured. Fans of ringing and stumbling bass will go their separate ways.

Amazon's Echo Butts offers 5-6 hours of battery life on a single charge.
Amazon’s Echo Butts offers 5-6 hours of battery life on a single charge. – Amazon

On the other hand, the quality of noise reduction is very relevant here. Thus, Echo Butts masks some surrounding sounds. A minimal service, in a way … naturally high pitch, even the noise of our fingers cleaning our computer keyboard is not diminished … for its part, the ambient mode that allows us to be aware of the sounds around us. Listening to music (training in the middle of the street!) Can be very effective. Be careful though: in windy weather, the consequences can be devastating. As the noise of the wind amplifies, any attempt to hear becomes catastrophic.

Sports and health are smoother

Note that Amazon offers the “Workout” function with its Echo Butts. If you care about entering your age and weight in the settings of the Alexa app, the headphones will take care of counting steps, calories, average speed, distance traveled … Co: The observed results were identical. Being waterproof (IPX4 standard), Echo Butts seems to be more suitable for gaming use, but ultimately with tight autonomy: 5 hours with noise reduction, 6 hours without.

Selling for 119 euros (with a wired charging box) and 139 euros (wire and induction), Amazon’s Echo Buds offer honest service, but with some necessary upgrades. A better tonal balance, but above all the noise reduction that needs to be redone will be points of debate. Assistant Alexa finds a real Raison d’Trey here, a new opportunity for her parents to get even closer to us.

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