Mauritania: Here is the list of new governments marked by the departure of the Foreign Minister

Mauritania: Here is the list of new governments marked by the departure of the Foreign Minister

# Mauritania : Mauritanian President Mohamed Old Sheikh El Kasouwani appointed a new government on Thursday evening, marking the departure of the foreign minister by presidential decree.

Prime Minister Mohamed Old Bilal, who submitted his resignation on Tuesday before being re-appointed on Wednesday, presented his new government. This is marked by the departure of Foreign Minister Ismail Old Zak Ahmed.

Mohammed Salem Old Mersouk became the new head of diplomacy, leaving the Interior Ministry, where he was replaced by Mohamed Ahmed Old Mohamed Lemin, President Kasovani’s chief of staff.

The new government is marked by 15 departures and shifts. Holders of sovereign positions such as justice and Islamic affairs continue in their positions.

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Former Prime Minister Yahya Old Ahmed Elwakf, who was ousted in a coup in 2009 by President CD Zak Abdallah, has been replaced by President Kazovani as Secretary-General of the Presidency.

The structure of the Old Bilal government was unveiled by President Yahya Old Wakeb on Thursday evening, March 31st. Ousmane Kane, Ould Boye and Sidi Ould Hanana hold their seats.
The new team has four women against six on the previous team.

Here is the new government system:

– Minister of Justice Mohamed Mahmoud Old Poya

– Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Salem Old Mersouk

– Minister of National Defense, Hannah Old City

– Minister of Home Affairs and Decentralization, Mohammad Ahmed O. Mohamed Lemin

– Minister of Economy, Usman Mamto Kane

– Minister of Finance, Iselmo Mohammed Embe

– Minister of Islamic Affairs, Tha Old Amar Taleb

– Minister of National Education, Government Spokesman, Mohamed Melanie Old Ih

– Abdel Salem Old Mohammed Saleh, Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy

– Minister of Public Service and Labor, Mohammad Abdullahi Outmane

– Minister of Health, Mokhtar ol Tahi

– Minister of Digital Change, Cheikh El Kebir Moulay Taher

– Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, Mohamed Old Uptin Old Emayif

– Minister of Commerce and Tourism, Lemrabot Old Bennahi

– Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Sid Ahmed Old Mohammad

– Minister of Livestock, Mohammad Old Suidat

– Minister of Agriculture, Adama Pokar Soko

– Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Lalia Kamara

– Minister of Equipment and Transport, Mokhtar Old Ahmed El Yedali

– Minister of Hydraulics and Health, CD Mohammad Taleb Amar

– Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mohamed Lemin Old Abie

– Minister of Culture, Sports and Parliamentary Relations, Qatar Old Sebani

– Minister of Social Affairs, Childhood and Family Affairs, Savia Mint Endeha

– Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Aizadah Dauda Diallo

– Minister, Secretary General of the Government, Jainpo Mint Ahmadna

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