Expo 2020 Dubai won the Moroccan Golden Award

Expo 2020 Dubai won the Moroccan Golden Award

During the ceremony organized on Wednesday evening at Expo 2020 Dubai, Morocco won the Golden Award in the “Sinography” category for the best interior design of the pavilion, the curtain falls on this Thursday after six months of operations.

This prestigious award, which rewards pavilions that have distinguished themselves in interior design in terms of aesthetic, technical and technological aspects, was presented to Nadia Fetta Aloi, Minister of Economy and Finance of the Moroccan Pavilion at the Dubai Expo. 2020

The arbitral tribunal also considered the use of design as a tool for dialogue between civilizations and as a reflection of the integration of cultures to select the winner.

This important award, given to crown the Kingdom’s significant participation in this international event, is a recognition of the efforts made to present the illuminating image of the Kingdom of Morocco Pavilion, but also confirms its excellence and its knowledge. In various fields. , Engineering, scenery and above all delivering content with a real Moroccan touch.

After announcing the results of the awards presented by the management of the Universal Exhibition to the participants of this world event in several categories, the Moroccan Pavilion organized a festive ceremony in which the participants sang the national anthem and expressed their happiness. The coronation was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life, as well as many Moroccans living in the United Arab Emirates.

The awards ceremony for the countries participating in this international exhibition was attended by emirates and international dignitaries as well as representatives of the countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai.

Morocco’s permanent exhibition is designed as a corridor inside its pavilion, with doors opening into 13 rooms. They each create an original space, with the effect of surprise created by the elements presented, which offer many opportunities to discover Morocco (again) and a strong continuum that connects its past, present and future.

Through these various collaborations, Morocco has created an opportunity for cultural dialogue with countries around the world, exposing Dubai to millions of visitors to its known and recognized sense of sharing and its heritage and its ancestry and its global character. Contemporary culture.

The city of Dubai has been living for six months to the tune of Expo 2020. Inaugurated by the Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan Ben Mohammed Ben Rashid Al Maktoum, this world-class event welcomes more than 190 countries who have come to “think about the world of tomorrow”.

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