WhatsApp trick to see the earth location of a contact without them knowing …

L'astuce de WhatsApp pour voir la géolocalisation d'un contact sans qu'il le sache

The most popular messaging processor has a feature in WhatsApp Helps to know the location Others find out where they are. To do this, without writing the address, share it by pressing the button in the chat and it will be displayed on the map. However, if you do not want to ask A contact to send his position, there is a trick to know his earthly location without him knowing.

Location sharing function When users meet friends and arrive late, it is one of the most used by users to let them know that they are coming their way. There are two ways Send your location via WhatsApp: Send your real address, it will appear on a map or send in real-time status, allowing others to see where you are and where you are You can go.

To send this, nothing could be simpler, just click on the clip icon on Android or the “+” icon on the iPhone and select one of two options. The problem with this process is that, by default, it is mandatory for others to share their location, although there is a trick that allows you to skip this step and find out their geo location without them even knowing it. However, there are several conditions that must be met to succeed in this shortcut.

To find out the geographical location of a contact without them sending it to you, you need to keep the desktop version of WhatsApp, the extended messaging app of your phone account, open. On the other hand, you should at least use a computer with Windows 10 operating system because it will not work. Not on Apple Macs or MacBooks.

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It is also important that you have recently spoken with the person you want to know the geolocation of. Once the computer is turned on and the WhatsApp web account is activated, there There are some small steps to follow. The first thing to do is to close all the tabs running in the background on your computer.

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Enter and press WhatsApp Conversation with this person from the desktop version of the platform Control + Alt + Delete. It will open automatically “Windows Task Manager”. At this point you need to press Win + R to open the function “Run the operating system”, Then type “cmd” and press Enter.

After performing these actions, At the command prompt, type ‘netstat-an’ and press Enter again. If all the steps are done correctly, you can find the other person’s IP address. To be typed This page is to see the approximate location of the other person.

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With this trick, you can find out where someone in your contact list is and they will not have to send you their location, however it may stop working at some point. In this case, alternative third-party websites should be used, although this is not the case Recommended for security reasons. With the shortcut, you can only chat about the approximate location and there is no way to know the real-time geo location without sharing it.

It should be noted that this tactic should not be used to spy on or harm others. This is actually a shortcut designed for the period You need to know where There is a person who does not answer the phone for one reason or another.

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