Use of consulting firms: The government “speculates” and tries to clear the landmines

Use of consulting firms: The government "speculates" and tries to clear the landmines

Extinguish before violating fire control. This is the task of the Ministers of Public Accounts, Olivier Dussoft and the Civil Service, Amelie de Montzalin. Ten days before the first round of the presidential election, two technicians respond to a politically changing issue. They were responding to questions from reporters during a press conference in Percy on questions raised following the Senate Commission of Inquiry’s report on the influence of private consulting firms on public policy. Putting a coin back in the machine means giving more importance to the subject.

“Nothing to cover up”

But in the eyes of the government, in the face of “more and more crude attacks” and “political recovery” or “misinformation”, the response was justified, as Amelie de Montcell condemned from the start of the press conference. . “We have nothing to hide, everything is on the table”, according to the message of the ministers Emmanuel Macron, protecting the use of these companies. “It would be useful when consulting firms are in their place,” argues Amelie de Montzal, who argues that “the government considers the use of consulting firms in certain circumstances.” Ministers highlight high-profile situations such as the Govt, or information systems or support for digital change. “This is not a new fact,” the minister recalled, and was already widely used after Nicolas Sarkozy.

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In the face of attacks, the government says it wants to play “transparency”, underlining Olivier Duchaft as “nothing to cover up”. The Minister salutes the Senate Commission of Inquiry for fulfilling its “high standard of work” and for wanting to rely on its many recommendations. However, it adjusts the figure to one billion euros in expenditure by 2021, improving the figure to 893 million euros, which is “only 0.3% of the mass state salary. We can not talk about an alternative. The billion Senate added an estimate that the Senate will use the advice of state operators at 893 million euros.”

“We are restructuring the state”

Is everything alright then? Absolutely not. Because in the empty space, both ministers have realized that it is better to adjust the veil. “We are restructuring the state,” Amelie de Montzalin affirms, “we are learning the lessons of the crisis,” where the use of cabinets is significant. This is due to the fact that the government does not have adequate internal avenues in some areas of public policy if it needs to be restructured. RGPP (General Reduction of Public Policy), a reduction in the number of civil servants under Nicolas Sarkozy, followed by Franுவாois Hollande. That is why the government will create a “state advisory body […] It is intended to support the Ministries, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Recalling the Prime Minister’s circular, Amelie de Montsell, he announced in the Senate in January that “the use of external consulting services should be reduced by at least 15%.” And in the future, “it will be well checked if there is no one locally”, who can work, “it will be done properly”.

As Emmanuel Macron already has, Olivier Dussopt promises to “implement as many of the Senate’s recommendations as possible,” including the inclusion of a “summary document” of services within the 2023 Finance Bill. Re-elected – or “strengthen the competition rules” for “discovery of services in final products” and “formalize their valuation”, or “strengthen the contract structure defined by a new standard agreement”. Saying that the services are “pro bono”, i.e. free, will only be in “exceptional circumstances”.

According to Amelie de Montzal, McKinsey was not enough to “get caught up in the allegations of Chronism”.

Mullivaikkal McKinsey is in question. The Senate Commission of Inquiry revealed that the company, which works with ministries, has not paid corporate taxes in France for 10 years. This morning, Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre said the “tax audit” was launched “before the Senate report.” Senator PCF Eliane Assassi, Commission Reporter, dated December for this regulation, after the Commission began (read our article on this subject). Questioned by in this regard, Olivier Dussopt, whose “services” were regulated by “tax secrecy”, underlined that this regulation “began at the end of 2021”.

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Another question: In the future, if the head of state is re-appointed, can the ministries still work with a company that has tried not to pay taxes in France? At this point, Olivier Dussoft recalled that candidate companies have an “obligation to comply with their tax obligations”, “a declarative obligation”. In other words, if the tax audit confirms an irregularity or fraud, it will be difficult for McKinsey to work with the state. But for now, some deals are still ongoing and cannot be broken. How much? Olivier Dussopt does not know. But for example, “McKinsey is one of the service providers in the policy of state acquisition of operator components. Things are going well, ”the Minister of Public Accounts assured.

As for the presence of American company members on the LREM or campaign team, it acknowledges the idea of ​​a link, compromise and combination of genres between Macronist Power and McKinsey, Amelie de Montsell responds. At all times and everywhere, a campaign team is made up of volunteers, consultants, but also students or retirees. They get involved because they have personal beliefs. Not enough, according to the Minister of Public Service, to “enter into the indictment.”

“Government continues to reduce the influence of advisers” condemns senators

After a press conference between the two ministers, the LR chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, Arnaud Pasin, and Elian Assassin responded quickly. If the government says “there is nothing to hide,” it will take 5 years to respond, while state council spending will have doubled between 2018 and 2021, “the senators said in a statement. , They reiterate that “the use of consulting firms is a widespread phenomenon that can make you faint.”

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