Biden warns private sector of ‘possible cyber attacks’ from Russia

Biden warns private sector of 'possible cyber attacks' from Russia


U.S. President Biden warned Monday that the Kremlin could “explore options for possible cyber-attacks” against the United States in retaliation for Western sanctions against Moscow.

In a statement from the White House, President Biden urged the private sector in the United States to “immediately strengthen its cyber security.”

“You have the power, capability and responsibility to strengthen the cyber security and vulnerability of essential services and technologies on which Americans depend,” he said. Said Biden Hammer.

For his part, Anne Newberger, the White House’s deputy national security adviser in charge of cybernetics and emerging technologies, revealed on Monday that US intelligence services had observed some “preparatory action” on Russia’s part.

“There is no evidence of a specific cyber attack that we expect,” he told a daily White House press conference. “We see some ready-made activities and we share the same in a categorized environment with companies that we believe may be vulnerable,” he said.

Last week, federal agencies brought together more than 100 businesses to inform them of potential cyber threats and provide practical assistance.

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