Weekend Weather: Sunny spells but freezing

Weekend Weather: Sunny spells but freezing

By Cyril DUCHESNEMeteorologist

It has nothing to do with what we had this weekend! After an unseasonable week, it rains again on Saturday, April 2, before improvement occurs on Sunday, April 3, with excellent refreshment prevailing. Extremely low temperatures for the season can cause damage to fruit trees with the risk of severe frosts on Sunday mornings.

The low pressure system, which is still in northern Europe on Saturday, will be gradually pushed towards Scandinavia due to the rise of the Azores anticyclone towards Ireland, which will extend its influence over much of France on Sunday. Therefore, after a cold and unstable Saturday with rain, Sunday would be the best day to take advantage of the progress in many regions.

Snow and rain improving on Sunday

Saturday, With over 800 meters of rain and snow in the mountains, the weather will be humid from the Pyrenees to the eastern frontiers. Near the channel, there will be rain or snow. In the Mediterranean, Mistral and Tramontana will blow with vigor and winds of up to 110 km / h: we can talk about a storm!

Sunday, Moving to Azores High Ireland. From the northern parts of the Chain to the Alps and Corsica, you will have very cold weather, threatened by rain or sleet. Everywhere else, you will benefit from much more advanced weather compared to Saturday, with variable skies.

Sunday is a cold Saturday morning with a cold morning

Saturday, It will be very cold, cold feeling downwind and it will rain in most parts of the country. The maximum is expected to be 8 to 12 degrees Celsius by the end of February. SundayAfter a cold morning with severe frosts from the north to the center of the region, moderate melting is expected in the southwest at 15 to 17 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. Extremely cold, up to 7 to 10 degrees Celsius, north of the Rhine-Alps. Near the Mediterranean Sea, with a cool feeling in the shadows and wind, the freshness is accentuated by the power of Mistral and Tramundana.

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