A new well-known service is offered for one year

A new well-known service is offered for one year
Amazon Prime Subscribers: Popular new service for one year

Amazon Prime now offers a free year of Delivery Plus, delivering your favorite food for free.

Free food delivery after parcels are delivered quickly. Amazon has actually added the Delivery Plus offer to its Amazon Prime subscription for one year. This subscription, which is usually billed at 2.99 / month, allows you to avail of free meals ordered on the platform from a minimum order of € 25. Subscribers get special promotions and discounts.

To access it, create a free account on the Delivery App or platform, then go to Settings to link your profile with your Amazon Prime account. Enter your Amazon credentials to finally activate this new service. Note: For those who have already subscribed to Deliveroo Plus, it is possible to relocate by following the same procedure and confirming that you would like to change the subscription. At the end of the free period, the offer will expire automatically, unless you are a paid subscriber before activating it.

As a reminder, the Amazon Prime subscription is included for Freebox Delta subscribers and is offered to Freebox Revolution subscribers for six months. This offer is available for Freebox Pop, One and Mini 4K subscribers for 99 5.99. Also allows access to your packages express delivery, Prime Video Platform or many other services such as Prime Gaming, Reading or Music.

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