Tesla: More than 4,000 black workers condemn racist comments and harassment by Elon Musk


Warning: Some of the comments made in the article may offend others.

Tesla is in turmoil. At the first factory, which opened 12 years ago in Fremont, California, more than 4,000 black workers filed a lawsuit against the US company. This is the first time the state of California has faced such a lawsuit, especially within the Department of Jobs and Fair Housing. The accounts of the people are based on the charges of a case dated February 9th. Tesla denied the allegations of his employees, saying they had never complained about racism in the factory and that disciplinary action was only the result of their own behavior at work.

It is in Los Angeles Times Three former employees decided to talk about the situation they are experiencing within the company. Within the factory, they were all subjected to racist insults in English and Spanish. All racist people are segregated into separate spaces called “gardens” where there is no air conditioning in the summer or heat in the winter. They have to do the most unpredictable tasks, and all demands for their promotion are rejected. If a person dares to believe, they are silenced or removed. As in the case of an army soldier, he complained that his boss called himself and two colleagues “monkeys”.

“My word ‘is engraved in many places”

Monica, Kimberly and Nigel came into the business with great confidence, but mostly at a very young age. They promised a quick rise and acceptance of responsibility, so they never counted their hours, Monica says: “I worked 3 consecutive months without vacation”: “This is modern slavery”. They all quickly realized that hard work was imposed only on racist people. Some employees, such as Kimberly Romby, worked alone, while whites were paired. To go even further, Monica had to do a task alone, previously a team of 4 people did it. Monica explains to the American press: “I weighed 40 pounds[40 kg]. I said, ‘Are you telling me to do four alone?’ His words: ‘Do the work or lose your job.’ ”In the end, it was expected that black people would clean up in their spare time, while others were allowed to retire.

In addition to this discriminatory environment, racist insults erupted in the factory, according to employee complaints. Monica comes up with the “my-word” which is a particularly insulting slander to black people. The word is engraved in many places: on the walls, on the tables in the restaurant. “It was customary, the young woman laments. It’s Tesla’s tradition. As people began to complain, managers and human resources (HR) either underestimated their testimony or found a way to eliminate them. Monica was fired for assaulting the factory driver’s chief guard. , She learns that a white employee has hit five project heads and that she has not lost her job.Kimberly deserves a month’s sick leave due to stress.When accused of intimidating someone, Nigel decides many times before complaining, But he was sent for a third interview with HR.

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