Risks of the next system

Risks of the next system

Monday, March 28, 2022 6:35 pm – The next hurdle affecting Quebec will be felt next Wednesday. This will bring about the role of various impacts.

In short:

  • Possibility of rain, snow and ice;
  • Road conditions are difficult to predict;
  • Risk of flooding in some areas.

Plenty of moisture

This depression, which forms in Colorado, will pull itself into the humidity of the Gulf of Mexico before embarking northward. It will reach Quebec on Wednesday evening, extending its voyage until Friday in some sectors.

For southern Quebec, Wednesday evening and the following night may be marked by frost and some snowflakes, according to the latest data on the system’s trajectory. On this Thursday, the sector will receive mainly rain.

Dangers 0

The northern part of the province, from Abidipi to Sibugamaw, will be dominated by snow. This too will continue throughout the day on Thursday.


Warning on the roads

Visibility in the road network will be reduced for these sectors as there will be snowfall from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning. The increase in mercury, along with the system, converts a portion of the precipitation into frost. So the road is slippery.

Dangers 2

Only the areas north of the river do not receive black snow. The capital-National area may also be eligible for snow and ice. As the sidewalks quickly turn into a skating rink, pedestrians also need to be vigilant.


However, due to the still erratic path of the system, there are some uncertainties regarding the exact amounts of rainfall.

The possibility of flooding

However, with the expected increase in mercury, rainfall is likely to dominate most areas. Thus, a good portion of the north bank of the St. Lawrence River could be extended from Abyssinia to the Capital-National via Sagune, not confined to the Montreux and metropolitan areas.

Especially with the generous rainfall in Quebec last week, this water will increase the likelihood of flooding all over the place.

For areas with better snow cover, water will be absorbed. So the risk is not immediate. However, the table will be set up with running water for all this water – when the temperature rises – causing flooding in areas where certain rivers overflow.


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