Daphnée Perret Vergeau, a foreigner and heart entrepreneur in Florida

Daphnée Perret Vergeau

It was not until 1977 that the United Nations officially recognized March 8 as International Women’s Day. For four years, Le Petit Journal New York has extended this day throughout March for women and women’s rights. This year, our new Florida edition joins us.

So, this March 2022, many French speaking women from New York, Florida and the United States are being honored in our columns with the support of an accounting firm. OrbisFounded by a woman named Lawrence Ruiz.

Today, we have a meeting with Daphnée Perret Vergeau. Based in Orlando for 10 years he is an entrepreneur at heart. It supports European investors in buying real estate in Florida and assists families coming to Sunshine State for their installation. But not only that! The portrait of a generous, intelligent woman is marked with an excellent sense of humor.

Daphnee Perret Vergeau

Daphnee Perret Vergeau

From St. Etienne to Orlando

Usually I push my husband into the spotlight »Daphne jokingly explains, I’m so backward, I love being an ant Daphne Ferret Vergieu is one of the women’s strongholds in the family. She is a multi – cape and entrepreneur at heart.

Daphne was born in Versailles but grew up between Saint-Etienne and Nantes. Flutter is a family affair She explained with a laugh. The daughter of a businessman in the Stéphanoise area joined the family business after she entered the workplace. A decade later, her husband, who was a banker at the time, received a transfer plan to Guadeloupe. The proposal was accepted by the couple to the head of a family with 3 young children – ” It’s a change of scenery, an adventure, but we are not very islanders, Daphne recalled. After a very pleasant life of 4 years in Guadeloupe, she decided to move to the United States after a proposal to move her husband to Paris or Strasbourg.

Daphne, an entrepreneur at heart, meanwhile, opens a fancy shop in Guadeloupe. ” I never felt like a mom at home, ”He said with a smile. Work is necessary for its balance. During their island life, the couple used to travel to Florida. A state that attracts them. An American life that attracts them. Abandoned, moved to metropolitan France, family travels to Orlando, thanks to Daphne’s business, which wants to continue to grow in the United States. He opens a second store in Orlando. The goal is the choice of cause, “he said. It was a very expensive city, with good economic activity, and pleasant to live in due to its weather She explains.

We came into our arms with our three children and opened a jewelry store. The store started very well, but two weeks after signing the lease, the owner filed for bankruptcy and the business street where we had 14 stores collapsed.. Two years later, two stores, including Daphne, survived. ” Business leases are not renewed, people are leaving, so we switched to online sales. In the United States, the shipping system is better, and online sales are included in our business plan. “. But as the owner’s setbacks directly affect Daphnée’s business, he switches to online sales that become 100% Amazon.” I am now the senior of Amazon.Daphne jokes.

Entrepreneur at heart

Since 2016, with the Trump administration’s actions, imports of French products have become more complex and expensive, which is when Daphne decided to open up her possibilities and add a string to her bow. She enters her husband’s business, an authorized business broker he accompanies French entrepreneurs set up their business in the United States, Especially in Florida. To provide full service to the families of foreigners who put down suitcases in the state of Sunshine, Daphne obtained a license from his real estate agent. In parallel to my online business, I am officially a real estate agent. I work mainly with the European investors I like Buy or rent real estate in Florida. With my entrepreneurial profile, I bring the analysis of product profitability and security, thanks to the analysis of the environment, I go with buyers in the acquisition of property that we consider ‘safe’ .. I go with investors, immigrant or displaced families. Also, with my status as a mother, installation, I can go with families to schools … Entrepreneur involved in local life in Orlando explains.

Two businesses, one husband, three children ” I was a little bored She teases, I went back to school too “First, Daphne continues to quench her thirst for innovation and culture, first and foremost in the perfection of the English language, and then in American culture, one after the other. To find out, she’s constantly interested in local life.

I have a lot of different life, circumstances just brought me to where I am. I’m curious, I always find a lot of things, She finishes.

By Rachel Brunett

“Women’s Month” 2022 is supported by the Accounting Company Orbis


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