Finally no one knows what the key circle of your Android phone is …

Apprenez à connaître votre smartphone : Quel est le cercle clé de votre téléphone et à quoi sert-il ?

Phone: Many devices running the Android operating system have a key that can be used to remove it Nano SIM or Micro SD. However, if you are very curious to see this little tool, you will notice that the title is circular in shape. Have you ever wondered? What is it for and how to use it? Below we describe all the details you may not know.

These can have different shapes: square, rhomboid, circle etc. But what do they have All commonThey have a small hole. Do you really know what it is for? Here we are talking about this weird detail of your android phone.

What is the circle in this little accessory for your Android phone?

  • Despite this key Different shapes, They all have small gaps like a hole.
  • Hope at the end The mobile phone key should be placed in your key key ring.
  • So you have to remove the card SIM or Micro SD card On your mobile device, do not use sharp instruments other than the original device.
  • Remember to insert needles, paper clips or other items into your cell phone Can damage it for a long time.
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Is it possible to safely remove the SIM card?

Usually, your phone will automatically detect the SIM card. But you may have to restart it When you change the SIM card. It should be decided by your phone. Now, Quora claims that most Android phones and Apple iPhones can remove the SIM card while the phone is running.

Where to store the SIM exhaust device?

Where to keep the SIM exhaust device? Attach it Your key ring. So, it will always be on hand, the site indicates

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