These new poems were published by Abdellatif Lobby

Ces nouvelles œuvres poétiques parues d’Abdellatif Laâbi
These new poems were published by Abdellatif Lobby

“Collection of Palestinian Poetry Today” or “Poetry Invincible”

Following “L’Espoir à l’arché” in 2018, “Almost Nothing” in 2020, and “La Fuite vers Samarkan” in 2021 … Presented by Poetry Palestine Today at the Institute of Arab World in Paris “. Published in bookstores on March 4, 2022, this collection, published by Editions Point, brings together selected and translated texts from the Arabic language.

“When it comes to the name of Palestine (history, land, country, people, cause for justice, struggle for life, now for survival), poetry presents itself as an unwelcome guest,” Abdellatif notes. Lobby at the introduction of this set. In this work of poetry, the platform is given to Palestinian voices from different backgrounds scattered around the four corners of the world.
“The poets, men or women we speak to here, are scattered all over the world, gathered in open or closed prisons (Gaza, West Bank, East Jerusalem) and have suffered within Israel ‘anonymous racism’ for decades in various neighboring countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria) are being held in camps set up for them by foreigners without benefiting from any right to citizenship in the Gulf countries, ”he points out.

Mr. To the lobby, several reasons prompted him to publish this work. The first is “being able to reveal to the reader a completely renewed field of poetry that has been plowed up by a new generation of actors who have begun to publish their works from the New Millennium”. Then, in selecting poets, it is necessary to ensure strict equality between women and men and finally bring back the evidence that poets present themselves in appointment at the most difficult moments in the history of a people. Give the best of them “.

In addition to this work, the writer and poet released his new collection “Poetry is Invincible” last February in the new pocket collection of Le Castor astronomical editions.
Through this work of poetry, the publisher notes that Abdellatif Lobby proclaims the importance of poetry and the importance of reading, writing and living with it. “Nothing can be done, no matter how hard I try to” drive “the poem, it’s coming back at a pace, yes! It’s my” natural “, my first language,” said Abdellatif Lobby.

His poetry is the poetry of the present, the unconditional celebration of life. Abdellatif collects lobby stories and pieces of personal thoughts and reaffirms the wars that must be waged for greater justice, equality and freedom.

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