Une voiture électrique équipée d’une batterie quantique pourrait se recharger en quelques secondes. © Andrii, Adobe Stock

Recharges as fast as filling? Quantum revolution is going on!

Although quantum batteries are not yet practical, theoretical research shows that they can solve the problem of charging time for electric vehicles. Korean researchers have calculated that a quantum battery can be recharged in seconds.

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The Oil One day will be exhausted. One of the key brakes is recharge time Battery20 to 40 minutes with supercharger and ten hours at home.

Many researchers work specifically on quantum batteriesQuantum problem To speed up charging. All cells can be charged simultaneously without being parallel. Korean researchers are interested Speed Possible by the like BatteryAnd published their results in the journal Physical Review Letters.

A cooldown is divisible by 200

The charging rate of a regular battery increases in a straight line with the number of cells. For a quantum battery, the researchers were able to determine that this increase would be double (square). For example a Battery Quantum with 200 cells, the charging speed is 200 times faster than a conventional battery. The time required for a full charge will be reduced from ten hours to three minutes at home and from half an hour to a few seconds on a supercharger.

However, at this point it is purely theoretical that quantum batteries still have to overcome many theoretical and practical hurdles. In addition, it is essential to ensure enough power to recharge the battery quickly. At home with the classic 12 kVA meter, it cannot be recharged Tesla Model Y. (75 kWh) In less than six hours, even with a quantum battery …

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