NFT: The creators of Bored Apes have raised $ 450 million to create a metaware.

NFT: The creators of Bored Apes have raised $ 450 million to create a metaware.

Through this lifting, Yuga Labs, the company behind the appearance of the famous collection, is now worth $ 4 billion.

Another page, Which is the name of the Yuga Labs metawares. American company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), a popular collection of 10,000 NFTs Preview His plan for last weekend. it is a “Running world”, “Camify” And “Completely decentralized”BAYC co-founder Wiley Aronov explained to the site On the edge. This online game is not limited to Bored Apes, CryptoPunks and Meebits holders as it offers NFTs designed by other companies. It will additionally be powered by the BAYC ecosystem and the newly introduced ApeCoin cryptocurrency for future Yuga Labs products and services.

To revive this project, the company has partnered with several video game studios. Others will be built to thank the currently completed fundraiser. From March 22, It is estimated at $ 4 billion after raising $ 450 million. The financial round was led by the Andricen Horowitz Fund, with the participation of a number of investors, including gaming company Animoha Brands and its subsidiary The Sandbox or crypto platform FTX.

Fundraiser to finance many projects

Yuga Labs has not provided a release date for its metawares and it may not be ready for years. The same is true for many companies, such as Meta or Microsoft, which have expressed interest in this concept of the virtual world. On the other hand, with this project, the American company is embracing the culture of web3.

The Andreessen Horowitz Fund has invested heavily in this new version of the Internet that provides decentralized and fair Internet access. “Yuga Labs has quickly become a web, culture, gaming and entertainment empire. Web3’s major adoption is accelerating at lightning speed and Yuga is at the forefront of integrating culture and innovation, so everyone can step into the metawares.Said Andrison Horowitz public partner Chris Lyons.

Yuga Labs will also use the funds raised to build its team. To date, the company has only 11 employees, as well as several subcontractors working on all aspects of BAYC (such as video games, digital and physical experiences). She will use them too “Accelerate the commercialization of many ongoing projects”According to company partner Guy O’Shea.

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