Drivers agree to race F1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

Drivers agree to race F1 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix

Following the attack by missiles – 16 shots – was launched by Houthi rebels in Jeddah and its environs on Friday, March 25, 2022 and it reached the oil zone in particular, where there are imposed Aramco oil tanks, especially sponsored by GP. After several meetings with the Aston Martin team and several drivers, it was held late into the night between the drivers, FIA President, Emirati Mohamed Ben Sulayam, the directors of the teams and the managers of Formula 1, the American company Liberty Media. FIA (International Automobile Federation) Finally confirmed this Saturday morning on March 26, 2022, the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix will take place and will be maintained this weekend!

In the aftermath of the attack, drivers gathered at 4.5pm from Friday to Saturday night at 4.5pm to discuss ignoring Saudi Arabia’s GP.

The decision to hold the Grand Prix was made this Saturday morning, after being locked in a room after these long hours, following the intervention of FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayam, Stefano Dominicali, the head of Formula 1 representing Liberty Media and F1’s Sports Director Rose Brown.

The FIA ​​confirms that the security of the event has been guaranteed by the Saudi government and local authorities.

Pilots Association, GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers Association) After lengthy discussions between drivers, team directors and officials, the GB has confirmed its conduct by releasing a press release today that it has been decided to take part in the exams and qualifications on Saturday, March 26, 2022 and this Sunday. This Sunday Jeddah G.P.

It can be hard to understand if you have never driven a Formula 1 car on this fast and tricky track in Jetta. It was a tough day for Formula 1 and a stressful day for us as drivers.

Contacts for them continue:

As a result, we engaged in lengthy discussions between ourselves, our team principals and our game decision makers. Various opinions were heard and discussed, and not only the F1 decision makers, but also the Saudi government, which has assured us that security measures have been maximized, we have decided to participate in the practice. Then qualify today before tomorrow’s race

Before concluding:

“Therefore, we hope that the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be remembered as a better race than what happened this Friday.

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