Uninstall this well-known application immediately, it is infected

Play Store danger : désinstallez de suite cette application très connue, elle est infectée…

If you have downloaded Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools on your mobile, you need to uninstall it directly. Why? Well, this application actually hides the Trojan that removes your Facebook credentials. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you all about it. Are you ready?

An application to uninstall instantly!

As you know, there is zero risk. While downloading the application on your mobile, you may be surprised at times. Fortunately, security inspectors are coming to inform you soon Danger lurks. This is evidenced by Bradyo’s recent discovery. In fact, it found one of the Android apps that could slip through the cracks.

Called Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools, it promises its users to convert their photos into maps of different formats through filters. The problem is, this application has already been downloaded 100,000 times Measurement Steal your Facebook credentials. How? ‘Or’ What? By logging in to your Facebook account to access its features. In fact, the latter is false and well-followed by hackers.

Your data was sent to Russia

This login page is actually a Trojan called “Facestealer” which is solely intended to recover your Facebook credentials for malicious purposes. A small piece of code is included so that it is not overlooked by security guards Google Games. So this code allows them to collect identification information. All your data will be sent to hacker-owned servers in Russia.
Malicious use
Fortunately, Google responded quickly to the release of this information and the application was removed from the Play Store a few hours ago. However, if you have this on your phone, you should uninstall it immediately. If you are affected, Reset Enable your Facebook password and two-factor authentication. If you want to find solutions to avoid falling into the trap, read the rest of our article.

What reflexes should there be?

Editorial staff as usual From Objeko, Concludes his article with some suggestions. Therefore, in order to better deal with you against these hackers, we advise you to look at the app rating and comments if you have the slightest doubt. To go further, you can also do a Google search. If many people complain about the application, it means that it should not be downloaded. And on closer inspection, there are more than you think. Yes.

Once downloaded you can also check that the developer’s contact details are in order, directly “Developer contact details“. One thing is for sure, this case is a good case At the ceremony Remember that you should always be wary of tools you do not know. In fact, they can hide bad thoughts. Hacking by downloading an application is ridiculous, isn’t it? Focus now.

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