Most of you are now listening to your music through headphones or wireless headphones

Most of you are now listening to your music through headphones or wireless headphones

You are more likely to use Bluetooth headphones and wireless headphones to listen to your music while traveling.

Zabra Elite 4 is active
Zabra Elite 4 Active for Explanation // Source: Frontroid

Smartphones have changed the way we listen to music. Like MP3 players or walkmen, mobile phones now allow you to quietly enjoy your music outside your home. A small revolution, which is reinforced with the appearance of music streaming sites.

There have never been so many choices to enjoy your music, especially during travel. For a long time The Earphones were provided along with the phones Were usual. But, to enjoy the best quality sound or to compensate for the gradual disappearance of these parts – this Phones are no longer provided – Other solutions have been taken.

Now, in addition to the earphones provided, you can enjoy listening to wired headphones, a Wireless headsetWired headphones or Wireless headphones. Some go so far as to use their phone’s speakers to listen to their favorite music – including in public places.

Wireless headphones are popular

It is in this context that we would like to know more about your experience listening to music while traveling. Last week, most importantly, we asked you to let us know by what kind of earphones, headphones – or loudspeakers, that we are not here to listen to your music.

Most of you are now listening to your music through headphones or wireless headphones

Overall, a good majority was formed in favor of wireless solutions, with between 76% of the vote. In detail, more than half of you have opted for wireless headphones, and a quarter of you use mainly Bluetooth headphones. This is especially the case with Ventico, which comments that it uses its Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones mainly due to its active noise reduction function while on the train.

However, wire solutions have some significant advantages. This is a non-abrasive state where the signal is transmitted directly from the smartphone to the transmitters without losing data via Bluetooth. “Wired headphones in winter, wired headphones in summer. Related to USB DAC, Says Sam Sol in the comments. Same story as Wendigo, he likes wired headphones when he is in a quiet place. “Enjoy uncompressed sound”.

Another argument in favor of wired solutions: No need to worry about recharging your headphones or earphones. “As the jack is removed we lose not only the audio quality but also the listening time”Points to Luna.

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