Cardiovascular accidents were diagnosed as early as five years ago

Une nouvelle intelligence artificielle pourrait prédire le risque d’infarctus sur cinq ans. ©, Fotolia

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[EN VIDÉO] Does medicine like science fiction?
Some recent advances in medicine may be reminiscent of what one reads or sees in science fiction books or films.

I ‘AtherosclerosisShrinkage or obstruction ArteriesIs a serious disease, which, among other things, a Heart attack. Doctors may visualize Atheroma plaques To assess its severity using CT angiography. However, they can not miss this technique, because the interpretation must be carried out by an expert and takes up to half an hour.

Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical CenterIn the United States, just created Artificial intelligence To analyze the results of CT angiography in five to six seconds. The tool is described in the post The Lancet Digital HealthCan predict that Risk of heart attack Five years ago.

Strong contact with human experts

The researchers trained Their AI To identify platesAtheroma With a database of CT angiography images of 921 patients. They then tested their instrument on images of several hundred patients and obtained very strong contact (r = 0.922, p <0.0001) with human specialists regarding the total size of the measured plaques.

The researchers established the entrance to the atherosclerosis to divide patients at risk of having a low or high heart rate within two years into two groups. They checked the results of 1,611 different patients who participated in the study by Scott-Hart and were able to accurately predict the risk. Heart attack. The researchers said more research was needed, but with their equipment and simple CT angiography, they could predict whether a person was at risk. Heart attack She may do so anytime.

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