Sudanese officials deny Wagner’s presence and their gold operations

Sudanese officials deny Wagner's presence and their gold operations


Sudanese officials on Tuesday denied any involvement with Russian Wagner mercenaries in the country. They responded to a press release issued the day before. Troika “, Made up of the United Kingdom, the United States and Norway, and accuses Khartoum of abandoning the interests of the Russians in the gold mines.

Wagner Group He is involved in illegal activities related to gold mining by spreading fake news on social media “: This is what we can read in the press release” Troika “, Monday.

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry described the next day “ Naked intervention in Sudan’s internal affairs “As for Wagner’s presence in Sudan, the ministry has categorically denied it, accusing the three countries of wanting to drag him into the conflict in Ukraine.

Visible presence of Russians in Sudan

However, Wagner’s presence in Sudan has been proven since 2017. Former President Omar al-Bashir has successfully returned from Sochi, Russia, on the pretext of establishing a Russian naval base in the Red Sea, economic and military cooperation with Moscow and mining concessions, and maintaining site security.

In January 2019, the Russian Foreign Ministry agreed to this in January 2019, when it saw Russian mercenaries training Sudanese intelligence services and General Hemati’s rapid support forces. On the first day of the invasion of Ukraine the military junta was No. 2 in Moscow and had personal interests in the gold mine.

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