We offer you NationBuilder

We offer you NationBuilder

Do you know what brings Eric Zemmer, Fabian Russell, Anne Hidalgo and Yannick Jodot together? All these presidential candidates, whether they are on the left or the right, use NationBuilder’s services to streamline their digital campaign. The US company, which has already worked with teams of Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon in 2017, provides an “all-in-one” solution for associations and political parties around the world to improve their online presence and enlist forces. Ground. FranceInfo shows the actor is almost invisible to the public, but ubiquitous during this election.

Created in 2009, NationBuilder offers its clients CMS (Content Management System) software in digital texts. This content management tool offers many features, especially for citizen mobilization. First, it allows you to quickly create a campaign site where almost every page is dedicated to recruiting new vital forces.

In addition to traditional programs, the sites of Eric Zemmer, Anne Hidalgo, Fabian Russell, or Yannick Jodot regularly provide Internet users. “To act” They can book an upcoming meeting, newsletter, a campaign event near them or by making a donation. Of course, the opportunity to let their loved ones know about it on social networks with the intention of following them.

Contact details of interested “recruits” on the Internet, sometimes included in an existing file of party members, expand the database of information available to sympathizers. NationBuilder then provides groups of candidates to better manage sending text messages and emails to activists.

“If someone tells us they’re particularly interested in ecology – related topics, we can send them specific campaign content that focuses on this issue.”Details of Julia Castanier, Communications Director of Communist Fabian Russell.

“When we organize a meeting in Valenciennes, we can confirm with NationBuilder that we are only contacting people who are within 100 km of the city, not Marseille activists.

Julia Castanier, Fabian Russell, Director of Communications

at franceinfo

The software also makes it possible to automate certain tasks. Has anyone interested subscribed to your champion newsletter? Candidates can program NationBuilder to send them a signed thank-you email immediately, then wait 48 hours to send them another email, this time inviting them to join the upcoming meeting of local activists. The US company’s software finally offers the opportunity to integrate with additional applications such as Qomon, which can organize leaflet distribution or door-to-door sessions.

The “all-in-one” solution has won companies around the world. In Australia, an NGO that supports refugees Recently used the site To raise over $ 250,000 a week, the All-Wedding-All Lawyers used the camp To mobilize his forces in Switzerland. In 2016 NationBuilder sold its services in the United States for Donald Trump’s digital campaign. That same year, in the United Kingdom, during Brexit’s fierce fighting, “vacation” camps like the “Remaining” Also used the services of the company. Contacting franceinfo, the company’s spokesperson emphasizes this point “Non-political” His tool.

“We have been a non-partisan site since day one. We are a software company, not a consulting company, providing the same service to everyone.”

NationBuilder Spokesperson

at franceinfo

Eric Zemor's campaign site, whose infrastructure is managed by NationBuilder.  (FranceInfo)

Thirteen years after its inception, the NationBuilder engine works well and allows you to lay the groundwork for a digital campaign in a matter of days if needed. Eric Zemore made no mistake on the team. “We want to use a French service, but nothing allows us to do what NationBuilder offers.”Samuel Lafont, Head of Digital Strategy for Eric Zemore’s Campaign, When Point He pointed out that the choice to call an American company may seem paradoxical. “French re-conquest”.

However, this effective solution comes at a cost. In 2017, after Emmanuel Macron’s camp received a trade discount of 20,000 euros, it cost about 48,000 euros for six months to use the software, as revealed by Radio France’s investigative team at the time. To save themselves from such expenses, outgoing presidential teams such as Jean-Luc Mélenchon did not want to join the US company this time. To justify this approach, La République en Marche casually indicates to franceinfo that it exists. “I simply made the choice for growth [ses] Own tools “ Popular Action, like La France Inzuimis, which has been working since 2017 on the development of its “House” social network, is on the ballot.

“In 2017, we used NationBuilder, but we had to ‘hack’ it [pirater] A little to act on as we wishedJill-Maud Royer, head of digital tools for Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s campaign, explains. In particular, the function was diverted to allow activists to create events to give local groups the opportunity to create their own, without being verified by the movement. Therefore, we developed the popular process to provide a specific horizontal shape to La France Inzms.

Rebel candidate groups have raised the question of respect for personal data and say they want a solution that allows them to host their data in France without the US company’s servers. An argument was also put forward by Fabien Roussel’s camp that NationBuilder should no longer be used. In the coming months. This indicates to franceinfo that there is a database in France containing the personal information of the operators of NationBuilder. A spokesman for the company said: “NationBuilder fully complies” To the European Regulation on Data Security, and ensures that the collected election data is accessible only to its customers.

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