Massive payoff for TF1 Miss Weather Forecast!

Massive payoff for TF1 Miss Weather Forecast!

We all necessarily know Miss Weather forecaster Evelyne Dhéliat, one of the most iconic figures on the first channel. Recently, there has been a rumor that she is one of the highest paid hosts. Is this information true? Let’s see why there is such a big gap in this Salary between providers Weather report.

Evelyne Dhéliat: How much does she earn?

The life of Evelyn Deliot is certainly no longer offered to you in the audiovisual world.

The iconic figure of TF1 began his career as an announcer at ORTF. This is the director of the first channel’s weather service. He has held this position since 2000. Thus, after a while, Evelyn Deliat quickly climbed her ladder. Compared to his colleague Denise Fabre, he has become a weather forecaster Very popular And appreciated in France.

Wage difference!

Wage difference!

In fact, thanks to Evelyne Dhéliat, the first channel achieved a real record and broke the audience record. So loyal audiences began to raise many questions in this regard The salary she receives.

Further, Catherine Laborde, The former weather announcer at TF1 certainly knows him better than anyone. Following an illness, the latter was forced to abandon her Post later Many years of controversy. The two sisters have finally compromised, and we can say that this is good news.

The The cause of the conflict ? Compare Catherine Laborde’s salary with Evelyne Dhéliat’s.

Miss Weather's salary, finally revealed

Miss Weather’s salary, finally revealed

In fact, according to the latest rumors circulating in this regard .. Evelyn Deleut seems to be earning 75 million euros a year. A large figure that is not possible though.

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Also, the journalist Francois Labor There is another theory in this case. According to him, this amount is pure speculation.

According to Catherine Laybord’s sister, she kept Evelyn Deliatte’s salary of about 10,000 euros a month. Pay that is already comfortable. On the other hand, this information is no longer taken with tweezers. In fact, the main interested party has not yet confirmed anything. But anyway, if the numbers are correct. The presenter will be on the list of highest paid media personalities.

Does Evelyne Dhéliat deserve such a salary?

Does Evelyne Dhéliat deserve such a salary?

In fact, 10 years ago, Evelyne Dhéliat was at a very critical juncture. Issuer Suffering from cancer Had to distance himself from Morphine and his work.

Because she was so sad, she decides to connect with hope Confidence in TV sets. However, after this confession, we can say that his pain was shared. It is necessary to have the spirit to come to the path of healing. Evelyne Dhéliat has lost the number of letters she received to encourage her.

Unfortunately, a few months after receiving relief, her husband collapsed. The man who supported her so much in everything she does flies to other heavens. Also, following the disappearance Jean-Pierre BernardEvelyne Dhéliat is now a senior employee of the TF1 Group.

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