Lopez $ attacks Microsoft, LG and Octa, and threatens multiple data thefts

South American hacker group Ticket $ Constantly causing havoc and revealing new stolen data. Through his Telegram thread, again, he released 37GB of source code from Microsoft.
This data is related to Bing, Bing Maps and Cortana software. However, according to Bleeping Computer, They do not include the source code of desktop applications, but are integrated with websites, web frameworks, and mobile applications. It already has a lot. Microsoft has not confirmed the data theft, but has launched an investigation.

In addition, Lapsus has released a text file containing $ “All fingerprints [de mots de passe, NDLR] Employee Accounts and LGE.com Service Accounts “.

A bit teasing, it is reported that this is the second time hackers have entered LG’s network in less than a year.

“Changing the CSIRT team may be a good idea [centre d’alerte et de réaction aux attaques informatiques, NDLR] ⁇Write hackers in the telegram.

Also watch the video:

Even more worrying is the fact that hackers have released images showing the ability to access the internal systems of Okta, an American company that specializes in access and identity management.
Cyber ​​thugs say they did not steal any data from Okta. They would have used this service provider to access their customers’ data. These include FedEx, Engie, HP, Sonos, Nasdaq, Groupon, Mazars, T-Mobile, Zoom, HackerOne, Hertz, Moody’s, MGM Resorts and many more.

Separately, hackers announced that they would have access to Okta’s systems for more than two months, which could have given them plenty of time to shop. If this were true, it would be a big hack.

Unfortunately, Laps $ has not yet told Connors. For its part, Okta mitigates the current situation. On Twitter, Its CEO Speak only one “Access attempt” Customer support is limited to the engineer account. We’ll see, maybe soon enough.

Proof : Bleeping Computer

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