6 Useful Tools for Improving Your Baseball Skills

If you or your child want to get your baseball skills to the next level, you have to invest in the right tools. Whether you’re trying to improve your pitching, catching, or batting, there are tons of aids that you can use. Some can be used indoors, in your backyard, or on the field, while others can be used in any setting. And, if you’re willing to pay, you can start looking at some of the high-end equipment professional players use. Let’s take a look at some useful tools you can use to improve your baseball skills.

A Pitcher’s Net

If you’re a pitcher and are looking for a tool for improving accuracy, look at a good pitcher’s net. You can start with a simple net with four or no holes then move up to a 9-hole model. You will then be able to get the ball in different strike zones and practice with a batter to see how hard your pitches are to hit.

Wheel Pitching Machine and Batting Cage

If you want to practice your batting, then you have to start looking at batting cages and pitching machines. A pitching machine is a significant investment, but not as much as many people think. You can get a very good machine for around $3000. You can also find home batting cages for under $1000 if you know where to look. Add a batting mat and you’ll have everything you need to start working on your swing from home with lifelike results.

Training Glove

Training gloves are a must for infield practice. If you’ve never seen one, training gloves are flat and round with a thick cushion area. They force players to catch balls with the palm of their hands and develop muscle memory. Since they’re less bulky, the glove-to-ball transition is much easier and allows players to improve it faster. And, since it’s more difficult to catch balls with these mitts, the player will have a much easier time when using regular ones.

Training Ball

We also suggest that you invest in a good training ball. SKLZ has a nice line of training balls that you can try. What makes them so great is that they provide the batter with audio feedback so they can get an idea of whether they hit the ball properly. Their training balls won’t travel as far as regular balls which makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor practice.

A Good Tee

You also need to invest in a nice tee so you can practice your swing and get as little resistance when hitting as possible. If we were to suggest one tee, it would be the Tanner tee. The Tanner tee is used by pro sports teams and has just enough cushion so that you only feel contact with the ball and nothing else. The tee’s design also minimizes the chances of injury. In addition, the Tanner tee is adjustable and can range from 26” to 43” in height.

A Speed Gun

If you want to improve your pitching speed, then you have no choice but to invest in a good speed gun. Bushnell has a speed gun with great point-and-read capabilities that you should check out. A speed gun will allow you to know instantly if you’re making speed improvements or are regressing. It could also help you fix inadequacies in your form.

These are all tools that should be on your list if your goal is to become a better baseball player. Everything comes with practice in this sport, so be ready to make an investment in your career and put the effort in.

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