Sahara: Ramdane Lamamra walks head over heels in China

Sahara: Ramdane Lamamra walks head over heels in China

The incompatibility of Algerian diplomacy has only just become apparent. The Algerian foreign minister, who will be in Beijing from March 19 to 21, 2022, who rejected Security Council Resolution 2602 on the Sahara last October, today acknowledges that the dispute will be resolved “within the framework of United Nations resolutions.”

The general panic of the old guard leading Algeria. Shocked by the events in Ukraine, the Algerian regime is seeking to strengthen its ties with the Chinese corporation, fearing a possible negative turn for the Russian ally. Algerian Foreign Minister Ramdane Lamara concluded a three-day visit to China on Monday (March 21). It was approved by a joint press release, the terms of which state that the Algerian regime is firing on all cylinders and overturning in the stream.

First, Ramdane Lamamra sought to persuade his Chinese envoy, Wang Yi, by playing on China’s most important issues, and reassured him of Algeria’s support for China’s regional unity in the face of separatism on the island. Taiwan and Western intervention, through human rights, in the Chinese part of Hong Kong. But Lamamra badly failed to get the Central Kingdom out of its positions, especially from the Sahara.

This did not stop the APS from writing that “Foreign Minister and National Social Affairs Ramdane Lamamra and his Chinese envoy Wang Yi welcomed the integration into common welfare issues, including the Western Sahara issue.”

In fact, in a general Sino-Algerian press release, the Algerian press reported, “Both sides reaffirmed their support for the Sahara issue. A lasting and just solution within the framework of international law, including the relevant United Nations resolutions.”

We know that the characteristic of the Algerian regime is gerontocracy. But we are not aware that the Sipanis who run the country have memory problems to the extent of not remembering the posts for less than six months.

In fact, last October 29, the UN Security Council called on the Sahara. We recall that Security Council Resolution 2602, voted on by China on October 29, was unanimously adopted by the Lamara Department, in a statement issued on October 31, 2021, stating, “The following United Nations Security Council Resolution 2602 (2021), on the basis of which Algeria is committed to this approach, is equilibrium on the basis of this text. It is regrettable that there is so little responsibility and ambiguity due to the unfortunate coercion of some influential members. ” He noted that “Algeria does not support this resolution” and described it as “partial” for the simple reason of supporting a political solution based on realism, and referred to Algeria as a party to the conflict that has developed around the Sahara. .

Within six months, Lamamra, stunned by Spain’s new position recognizing Morocco’s proposed autonomy plan in 2007 as the basis for resolving the Sahara dispute, wanted to mention the West in a joint statement with his Chinese envoy. Even if Sahara forgets that this reference refers to the relevant Security Council resolution rejected by his department on October 31, 2021.

What can we call this paradox of Algerian diplomacy? Amnesia due to old age of Algerian leaders? Looking at the slightest diplomatic improvement in domestic consumption at any cost, does this negate the latest press release? Is the art of saying something the opposite? Until the Sino-Algerian press release bears the pinnacle of repentance. Perhaps in the most isolated state, the Algerian regime has decided to break its Baria post and mobilize the international community.

Whatever it is, Ramdane Lamamra has given us a new interpretation of a diplomatic dilemma.

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