Orange, Bouygues Telecom or SFR sellers are free to buy them

Free cherchera à racheter Orange, Bouygues Telecom ou SFR s’ils sont vendeurs
Orange, Bouygues Telecom or SFR sellers are free to buy them

During a webcast presenting Iliad’s most definitive annual results on March 22, its managing director, Thomas Reynolds, announced the group’s desire to try to capture one of its direct competitors if given the opportunity.

Go to four to three operators in France, Orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Free Speak it willingly But today no one is selling. After the marital failure between the current operator and Martin Boigus, the merger between the latter and the SFR was re-negotiated at the beginning of the year, far from the negotiating table. If it were not on the agenda, nothing today would prevent telecommunications companies from publishing an opinion. This is the strategy that Iliad used during an Internet broadcast with reporters this morning. The position of Free’s parent company is very clear: “If one of our competitors is for sale, we will apply”, Said its general manager Thomas Reynolds. Like Patrick Trohi, the owner of SFR, Iliad believes that France needs a powerful telecommunications operator. So if there is an integration in France, “we will be the natural operator,” he noted.

After the play-off in Poland, the team recently received a green light from Brussels around the acquisition of the cable operator. UPC Poland, Enough to strengthen its position as the 6th largest telecommunications group in Europe. Xavier Neil, on the other hand, is under scrutiny after Vodafone’s Italian takeover failed to acquire, and will apply if coordination occurs. His desire for expansion did not stop there. When asked if Iliad plans to set up in another country, Thomas Reynolds responds: “We think about it.”

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