Eric Zemmor wants to repatriate 500,000 foreigners in 5 years

Eric Zemmor wants to repatriate 500,000 foreigners in 5 years

Falling on the ballot, Eric Jemmore tries to climb to the top again. Its new strategy: new projects on immigration. “I’m getting rid of the criminals, the criminals, the S files, we’ll get rid of everyone we no longer want,” he said during his visit. M6 Monday. Winning candidate again! It plans to create a conceptual “immigration” ministry of identity thinking to expel “foreigners who are no longer needed”. His desire is to recover the “illegal”, “secret crime that no longer exists from 2012”.

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“The ministry will have the resources, it will have the charters, and we will build joint aircraft,” he added. If he is elected, Eric Jemmour promises that “Magreb will go with the leaders of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia to see how we can arrange this.” Taking the notion of a “big alternative”, he also proposed “a return of 100,000 undesirable foreigners a year.” “This is why I am a candidate. I think France is being threatened in its identity by a large population change. I want to stop this,” he said.

Also note: “All (his) activities related to immigration will be in the referendum proposed for the French”.

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