Mali : La Cédéao quitte Bamako sans obtenir d’accord avec la junte

ECOWAS leaves Bamako without reaching an agreement with the military junta

The former Nigerian president paid a two-day visit to Mali and, once again, sought to return to constitutional order by agreeing with interim officials on the election schedule. Presidential and legislative elections, originally scheduled for the end of February, have not taken place. But Goodluck’s departure from Jonathan Bamako on Sunday was still in vain.

The ambassador simply said in a statement that he had held in-depth discussions with a government delegation led by the foreign minister. He reiterated ECOWAS ‘commitment to facilitate the agreement to restore constitutional order. At the end of February, the regional body called for elections within 12 to 16 months.

For their part, the Malian authorities regretted the lack of compromise. In a statement, a government spokesman underscored the president’s “final” efforts for change. Assimi Goïta agreed to reconsider the schedule from 36 months to 29 months and then offered the final offer within 24 months. The new deadline was “uncontrollable in the eyes of Malian authorities” and did not receive the approval of ECOWAS arbitrators. The decision was “regrettable” for the Malian government. “Obviously, ECOWAS has not yet adequately taken into account the complexity of the issues facing Mali,” a government spokesman added.

Sanctions target the ruling elite

The sub-regional body therefore stands by its position and states that an agreement will “enable the elimination of actions taken by ECOWAS” against Mali. But according to a source close to the debate, he will not oppose a slightly longer change in the leadership of the national unity government.

ECOWAS greatly allowed Colonel Azimi Qaeda’s governing body to be overthrown in January, bringing the Mali leader to power with a first coup in August 2020 and ascending the throne as president of “change” following a second regime in May 2021.

These sanctions – the closure of borders with ECOWAS countries, especially those on trade and financial transactions – have punished the military’s plan to continue for years, and their unfulfilled commitment to holding elections in February 2022 would have brought civilians back to power. Country.

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