Why is theft better than paid subscriptions?

Why is theft better than paid subscriptions?

On the curve of the tour in Reddit During my twitchGPT-3, OpenAI’s Artificial Intelligence, Advantages of hacking Compared to subscription solutions like Netflix or Disney +

My hope for the answer, very right …

What, even computer programs are not wrong.

If you skipped Ms Marketie’s English lessons, I’ve put the translation below:

There are many reasons why piracy is more desirable than paid subscriptions like Netflix. First, paid subscriptions require a credit card or other refundable payment method. It gives the subscription service the ability to keep track of what you see and when. Second, subscriptions are often more expensive than pirated versions of the same content. Third, paid subscriptions usually have ads, while pirated versions do not. Finally, since plagiarized content often comes from Blu-ray or DVD copies, it is of a higher quality than the paid version.

After that, with the law on private copying, some people go so far as to say that it is a theft right

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