To get the job done again, you need a “conscious company”

To get the job done again, you need a "conscious company"

Born in India, a French-American consultant on innovation and leadership, Navi Radjo is a Fellow of the Judicial Business School at Cambridge University and won the Thinkers 50 Innovation Award in 2013. In particular, he co-authored “Le Guide de l’innovation frugale.” (Ed. Diateino, 2019) and Bestseller “Innovation Jugaad. Let’s become smarter again.” (Ed. Diadino, 2013). He will take part in the “Work in 2049” evening organized by “l’Obs” in Paris on March 23. Maintenance.

In the United States, we see the “big resignation,” and in France, young people no longer want to work like their parents. Is there hatred in the value of work?

It is true that there is a frustration at work because it is practical. While the majority of Americans consider work to be a major source of self-esteem, 61% of them say it actually makes them sick! In France, 91% of respondents have a positive opinion about the job. Only 7% of workers still feel fully employed, the lowest score in Europe.

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