Sébastien and his fellow nurses treated victims at Strépy-Bracquegnies: “The first injured were in critical condition”

Sébastien and his fellow nurses treated victims at Strépy-Bracquegnies: "The first injured were in critical condition"

Following the tragedy in Strépy-Bracquegnies, ten people were seriously injured and 27 were slightly injured, except for six who died. They were treated at several hospitals in the area. In La Louvière, it is necessary to call additional doctors to look after the victims.

After the horror, it seems like a quiet return to the emergency room of Jollymond Hospital. Sebastien, a nurse, has not recovered since morning. “We did better, but living emotionally was not easy. Among the injured are those we know. That is difficult, but we must move forward. With colleagues, we did everything we could to get the best out of it.

The injured were first taken to hospital around 7am this morning. Some suffer from serious injuries. You need to move quickly to intervene. “The first injured who came here were in a very dangerous condition because they had all the injuries that came with the vehicle, the broken bones, the open wounds, the big trauma related to the car.. “

Psychological assistance is provided

To cope, the hospital emergency plan was triggered. Hospitals in the area are distributing to the injured. Emergency physicians and surgeons are called in for reinforcement. “We have three more patients in intensive care, in case of serious injuriesChristophe Delvoie, Managing Director of CHR Jolimont, confides. In terms of emergency outpatient action, there were no visits associated with the tragedy this morning.

At the site, psychological assistance is provided to witnesses, victims, but also those who are concerned. “The purpose of today’s work is to look at how people are behaving, how they experienced events, and the signals they need to pay attention to so that they are no longer affected. Here, we are in the adrenaline of this moment, but after that is everything, what will be the end of that day.“Psychologist and Psychological Support for Workers in Hynat explains Franுவாois Broilerd.

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