Archaeologists have unearthed five Baronic tombs in Sakara – Liberation

Archaeologists have unearthed five Baronic tombs in Sakara - Liberation
“Responsible for the King’s Beauty”, “The Proposer of the Royal House” … The sarcophagus found in the Negropolis of Memphis this Saturday belonged to senior officials of ancient Egypt.

Treasure hunting continues in Egypt. Five Baronic tombs “In good condition and set up for higher authorities” It was released this Saturday in Saqqara in the Negropolis of Memphis, the capital of the old kingdom of the Baroque. The tombs were discovered by Egyptian archaeologists in the northeast of the Pyramid of King Merene I, who ruled Egypt in 2270 BC. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Archeology, the tombs contained the remains of senior officials.

In the vault of one of them named Irie, the excavators came up with a limestone and colorful ornaments. “Offering tables, seven oils and the front of a palace”, Ministry detail. The other three tombs, 6 meters deep, belong to two women, one of them “Only responsible for the king’s beautification”, And to Pastor Pepi Nefoni. Finally, dedicated “Henu, in charge of the royal family”, Submerged, it is, 7 meters deep.

Already in January 2021, Egypt released the new one “Treasures” Archaeological remains in the Necropolis of Sakara confirm that they are permissible, including the Fifty New Kingdom of Sarkobaki, which is over 3,000 years old. “Rewrite History” Of this period. Netflix has dedicated a documentary to the discovery of the 4,400-year-old tomb at the end of 2018. Secrets of the Chakra Tomb.

I hope tourism will be revived

Sacramento, 15 kilometers south of the famous Pyramids of the Giza Plateau, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for the famous Pharaoh Dijoser’s pyramid. This monument was built in 2,700 BC. Considered one of the oldest, by the architect Imhotep.

Egyptian officials look forward to their role in opening the “Grand Egyptian Museum” near the Giza Plateau in the coming months, and hope these innovations will revive tourism that has been severely affected by the Covit-19. The sector, which employs two million people and produces more than 10% of GDP, has been in half since the 2011 Arab Spring.

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