Why the United States releases 2 billion genetically modified mosquitoes

Why the United States releases 2 billion genetically modified mosquitoes

Let go of the forest to reduce the population of two billion mosquitoes: an alien idea from an American company. For years, companies have been trying New ways to reduce the number of mosquitoesExcept for filtration of pesticides and wetlands.

US companies such as Google or British Oxytech are already operating GMO releases mosquito These last years. Seeing that it was possible to control their population, the British decided to release Oxtech 750 million. Two billion mosquitoes.

These are not mosquitoes Men only Aedes aegypti species named OX5034 by scientists. Their goal is to reproduce with females, which will be born Impossible larvae. All of these larvae die before they mature, and the male’s genes prevent them from producing the protein needed for their development.

A breakthrough in environmental protection

According to scientists, the release of mosquitoes is harmless to the environment. This method is less dangerousDrainage wetlands Where mosquitoes breed, or Insecticide spraying Kills non-insect pests like bees.

This technique will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes. Without completely destroying, Which will remove the link in the food chain. This will not be a genetic mutation It also does not harm the food of their predators, Birds and bats, which do not contain any carcinogens. Also, these mosquitoes There is no danger to humansGiven that they are men only and that Only females bite.

The British company is developing the technology into other types of mosquitoes, especially those that transmit dangerous diseases. Malaria, malaria or Zika.

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