The Wire 14 years later, "I believe in Marlowe's recovery"

The Wire 14 years later, “I believe in Marlowe’s recovery”

Actor Jamie Hector is in Series Mania this week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cult series.

He openly admits it: 14 years after the end WirePeople call him Marlowe when they meet Jamie Hector On the street! Lord of Iconic Medicine from the series David Simon (Error en VF) For three seasons, he established himself as one of the greatest villains in television history.

As Series Mania 2022 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the series this week (launched in the US on June 2, 2002), we were able to pass Jamie HectorWho came to present David Simon’s new work, This city belongs to us. Here he returned to the streets of Baltimore, but without Marlowe. So, what happened from the end of Marlowe Stanfield Wire ? What is he doing today?

Series Mania 2022 Festival Village is open and full of surprises

When asked the question, the 46-year-old actor burst out laughing: “Where is he today? Of course I have been involved in some shady things … No, in fact, I personally believe in the power of redemption. So as Jamie Hector, from a personal point of view, I like to believe it. I hope he works to identify his mistakes and correct the mistakes he made. That he strives to contribute to a better world …‚ÄúTrust us first Jamie HectorBefore proceeding … very realistic:

“Sure, you want to know what he’s doing? Marlowe is adapting his game to the changing society. I think he has set foot in the American corporate world, he understands that he can legally make money through real estate: ‘Land is here. I’m going to pay! ‘ Either way, I find it secretly infiltrating the legal world …

Meanwhile, it is the Baltimore Police, not Marlowe, who are sowing chaos in Maryland. This city belongs to usThe new series is based on the true story of David Simon and will be available on OCS in France from April 26.

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