A horned ipex robot that can be ridden

Les cowboys du futur vont-ils se promener sur ce robot à cornes ? © YouTube, Kawasaki

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Then Dogs Including robots Spot Most popular among delegates Ipex Robot! This is not a joke, that’s it Kawasaki Robotics The creator of this horned robot, the horse a Chamois. His name: Bex, because it will eventually be an ipex (Ipex In English).

In the video below, we see its horns glowing, its pronounced legs moving further and further down, and above all turning into wheels … all with a seat and handle for the rider to climb on Again. Yes, unlike the Spot, the Bex is not only autonomous, so it can also be used as a mount. If you are not in a hurry …

Future in tracking and transportation

Half between robots Human figures And wheel robots, we wondered if there was a chanceKawasaki’s Masayuki Soube, said in an interview with Translators IEEE Spectrum. That’s why we started building four robots called Bex. We hope that the walking technology used in the development of humanoid robots could certainly be applied to quadrupedal robots as well. “.

According to its designer, the Bex can carry up to 100 kg Commercial goods, And he can be used for harvesting or as a shopkeeper in factories. Another application is expected: as a surveillance tool because there are cameras in the warehouse. Kawasaki notes that the fake animal bust has not been fixed and that every interested partner can retain it. Requirements. Maybe we have a unicorn or a Lama

For now, this robot looks beyond the realm of fair play rather than a warehouse in charge of surveillance. © Kawasaki

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