5 Essay Writing Tools That You Should Know In 2022

Students often have to write a lot of essays and work on group projects with their colleagues. Being a student involves writing as it helps you develop your soft skills. It helps you communicate better and clearer, identify your thoughts and emotions, research, organize your time and writing.

Essay writing might be seen as something challenging, but as technology develops more and more, it comes with a lot of advantages. It is so deeply intertwined with our lives and jobs that you cannot avoid using it. And why would you? If there is a tool that highlights your grammar and spelling mistakes, why would you not use it? However, many writing tools could help students perform better in 2022.

They can be used not only for essay writing but for blog writing too. So, which are the tools you must know about?

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Among the 5 essay writing tools you should know in 2022 are:


Grammarly is one of the most used tools by writers and students alike. There is a free version available that spots your grammar and spelling mistakes. It proposes some new changes, but it also comes with clarity and engagement suggestions. You can set the tone of your article and Grammarly will suggest revision and editing according to your setting. You can pay for the Premium version, but the free one might offer you the features you need. Submitting correct essays is a must, so you can use this tool to make sure there are no errors.

Hemingway App

Another tool that you will simply love. When you engage in writing, you might tend to create long sentences. Or to use challenging words that have a simpler alternative. If you would like to know the readability score of your essay, you can use this app. It is available in the browser, so you can access it from any place or device. It is important to mention that this tool compares your text with the style of Ernest Hemingway. He had a rather characteristic writing style, with short and concise sentences and simple words.


Writing essays does not only involve the simple act of writing but there are many other steps in between. For example, you need to research the topic. You need to take notes, make an outline and then organize your notes on the structure of your essay. And for this, you need a tool that makes taking, keeping, and organizing notes way easier. Evernote is the app you need. You can also add pictures or videos, and even record classes or yourself.


A tool that every student should know about and use. When you write, work, study, or learn, you have probably noticed that your attention can be distracted. It might be the colleague who is talking on the phone. It might be a notification you get, a new email, or a message. There can be a lot of things that distract you when you study and write, and Freedom offers you exactly what you need. It allows you to block distractions on your laptop and enter that flow state everyone is looking after.

Marinara Timer

Everyone is searching for the perfect working recipe. Some students study better in the morning, while others are night owls. However, when you study, there are a lot of techniques you can apply to make your learning lessons more productive and efficient. The Pomodoro technique is one of these strategies you can apply. You study or write for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. And Marinara Timer is the tool that will remind you to do this.

Final Thoughts

Essay writing might be challenging and complex. Some topics are more approachable, while on others you will not find any information online. Either way, you can overcome all the academic obstacles ahead and keep on pursuing your dreams. As technology is so intertwined with our lives, you can use these tools to check your texts for grammar mistakes, be productive and efficient, and take notes.

Bio lines: James Collins is a content writer. He shares advice from his writing experience through blog posts. James loves reading Sci-Fi books.

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