The urgency is to create a competitive corporate culture

Une dynamique positive est impérative pour que les acteurs puissent, régulièrement, ressentir du plaisir dans leur participation à l'oeuvre collective.

MIT’s study, as reported in “Les Echoes”, provides distribution of US “big resignation” sectors and companies. But above all, it describes the reasons that led the actors to leave.

It shows, above all, that a corporate culture is toxic in appearance. This is ten times more than one salary per departure. While managers focus on the issue of income increase, regretting their limited room for maneuvering in this regard, it is necessary to stop this study.

Stress, competition and spontaneity

Let’s start by knowing what a toxic culture is. It is characterized by an abusive dictatorial system of government and hostile, discriminatory, and oppressive relationships.

In short, it is a well-known management system that is mainly based on pressure, competition between individuals and the spontaneity of leaders. Keep in mind that we can all find examples of successful companies implementing this management system.

In fact, in the short term, it can work, but the unacceptable human cost and medium-term risk to the company.

Two sizes

Knowing that the ability to retain teams and the ability to attract newcomers is at the heart of competitiveness, culture becomes one of its essential sources. For the most part, it is considered particularly of the past compiled in the roots of the company. Some will want it to remain unchanged. It’s not like that. It’s just as alive as the company, so it’s changing.

Internal culture, on the one hand, must integrate identity elements such as values ​​and, on the other hand, environmental elements such as management systems and behaviors. These are two dimensions that employees feel most about in their daily lives.

Positive dynamics

The first thing they need to realize is an outgrowth of psychological security that allows them to express themselves and take the initiative. Then, there is the quality of the relationship game that promotes support and cooperation. Finally, the effective management style that pushes them to progress.

We will add positive dynamics so that the actors continue to feel happy participating in the collaboration.

Culture is an important topic. Leaders do not spend the appropriate amount of energy and time to create sustainable competitiveness.

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