Impressive satellite image of cloudy skies over France

Impressive satellite image of cloudy skies over France

The photo was taken by a NASA satellite at an altitude of 700 km above the Earth.

A France split in two. This Thursday all the sky above France was covered with a white veil, while the beaches of Brittany and Normandy could enjoy the bright sun. The cloudy border extending north from Wendy’s covers more than three-quarters of the metropolitan area.

If this variation were not so clearly visible on Earth, it would actually be visible hundreds of kilometers away from the blue planet. Météo-France has shared a photo taken by the Terra satellite on social media, particularly responsible for collecting data, especially weather data, over a long period of time: we can see an almost perfect cloudy straight line crossing France.

Clear skies on Friday

Météo-France was actually predicting a beautiful day in the northwest of the country, while Wednesday’s chaos advanced eastward. The sun appeared many times over the Breton beaches and dominated the entire northwest.

The sky will be clear from Brittany to Belgium this Friday. As the hours go by, the clouds move south. From the Channel and Pays de Loire to the northern frontiers, the afternoon sun becomes generous.

Higue Garnier with AFP BFMTV journalist

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