A “glass universe” could be in front of us

théorie univers miroir symétrie CPT

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This “anti-universe”, as scientists in the origin of this concept call it, is the exact opposite of us: so it is made up of particles of opposite charges and time flows backwards into it from the Big Bang. . This theory, put forward very seriously by the International Group of Theoretical Physicists, can also explain why 27% of the dark matter in our universe is invisible to us.

This theory is based on a set of three basic symmetries of nature: charge (changing the charge of a particle at a given interaction is equivalent to the equivalent and opposite charge); Equilibrium (glass image of particle contacts gives the same result); And time (a relationship made backwards in time seems identical). Most physical contact is subject to these symmetries; Sometimes there are violations, but physicists have never noticed an event that violates all three symmetries simultaneously.

All three are thus grouped under the concept of basic symmetry known as “CPT symmetry”. This applies to all interactions, and therefore to forces and fields exerted by particles of matter on each other. However, scientists have hypothesized that this symmetry applies beyond the basic interactions, and therefore, on the envelope that encompasses all of these forces, in other words, the entire universe, is found to be contained here. This would indicate the existence of another universe that is completely symmetrical.

A theory governing cosmic inflation

According to Latham Boyle and his colleagues at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, our universe would have a twin that would extend just like that, but in the opposite direction from the Big Bang. The two balance each other to maintain CPT symmetry. ” The pre-bank universe and the post-bank universe can be thought of as a cosmic / anti-cosmic pair, which manifests itself directly in the radiation-dominated hot eras we observe in our past. “, Write researchers in the journal Annuals of Physics.

The idea that there is an inverted, parallel world worthy of a sci-fi movie script may seem far-fetched at first glance – especially since the Big Bang condemns anything that happens “behind” this hypothetical anti-universe. Opportunity to approach one day. However, several important implications come from this theory; It will bring a reliable explanation for some of the major cosmological questions that have not yet been decided.

For example, the visible universe is thought to have experienced a very rapid phase of expansion in a very short period of time (between 10).-36 And 10-33 Seconds) After the Big Bang – the cosmological model that solves both the problem of the horizon (the fact that the universe is very largely homogeneous and isotropic, even though some parts are very far apart) and the flat problem (the fact that the curvature of the universe is undetectable). As recalled Direct science, Many evidences support this cosmic inflation, but the theoretical picture of this phenomenon still needs to be clarified. The anti-universal theory is therefore worthy of study.

It is now accepted that cosmic inflation has greatly disrupted space time, creating waves of gravity. Many experiments are currently aimed at identifying these primitive waves, and if these searches are in vain, this may reinforce the hypothesis of the existence of a glass universe: a universe that respects CPT symmetry can actually expand and be filled with particles. Long-term cosmic inflation.

Possible explanation for the existence of dark matter

Also, in this opposite universe, the dark matter is mainly made up of a new type of neutrinos, very high energy and low density subatomic particles that are electrically neutral. In fact, there are three known types of neutrinos (three flavors): neutrino-electron (And), Neutrino-mune () And dove-neutrino (), All of which have the direction of rotation (rotation) called “left” – neutrinos called “right” are not observed, they are not produced and do not communicate.

However, all known particles have left and right variations. So there may be straight neutrinos somewhere, which we could not detect. A universe that respects CPT symmetry would mean the existence of at least one type of right neutrino; It may be invisible, but gravity can affect other parts of the universe. That is the characteristic of dark matter today: undetectable particles interact only by gravity.

If CPT were to apply to the entire universe of symmetry, there would be as many right neutrinos as there are left neutrinos, and their abundance could explain dark matter. ” We calculate its magnitude in detail and show that it corresponds to the density of the observed dark matter, [la masse du neutrino droit] Should be 4.8 × 108 GeV “, Refer to the researchers.

From this, the researchers predicted that the three known left neutrino flavors would be mahogany particles (unlike electron-like dyro particles in their own opposite particles). For a particle to be its own opposite particle, it must have electrostatic neutral and zero bipolar moments, but physicists do not know whether neutrinos exhibit such properties. The team also argues that according to their theory one of the neutrinos must be massless. To date, physicists have only determined the maximum mass for each flavor, but their exact mass is unknown. Perhaps one of them is the fact that there is no mass, and CPT supports the idea of ​​a symmetrical universe.

We can never see or measure anything in this cosmic opposition that can confirm the hypothesis. But the coming trials, carried out within our own universe, will probably one day make it possible to dispel suspicion.

Source: L. Boyle et al., Physical Annals

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