This tank reduces exhaust fumes from heavy trucks by 80%.

This tank reduces exhaust fumes from heavy trucks by 80%.

Rather than wanting to change technology – heat in favor of electricity or hydrogen – should we think of new ways to reduce emissions? This is an idea protected by a start-up company called Remora, which offers a unique system capable of capturing and storing CO2 emitted by heavy trucks.

The Global warming And barriers are attached Environmental protection It has pushed states and corporations to take action in recent years New and quick activities. So in the car, Electrically modified diesel. The Petrol engines are hybridized Mostly, and Hydrogen technology is on the rise. Same care in Truck transport, Manufacturers and companies are encouraged to think about new technologies. To Reduces the carbon footprint of their vehicles. CNG, electricity or hydrogen? Beyond the machine, these Emissions cause a problem. A young American company may have found a way Heavy carbonization of heavy trucks …

A reservoir to save everything

In the United States, 65% of goods are transported by truck. These are responsible for 30% of greenhouse gases Published in the field of transportation. Think of statistics and new solutions that inspire innovation. Remora is a start-up Created for this purpose. She was able to create A system capable of absorbing and storing CO2 in the exhaust gases of heavy trucks. It takes a form Large tankInstalled on the back of the cart and Directly connected to the exhaust. The gases passing through it are filtered: only the nitrogen and oxygen in them are expelled. CO2 is compressed and sent to the tank.

On our roads in 2023?

After that? It is stored there until the tank is empty.. Surgery to be performed For approximately every 15,000 km, At specialized landfills. After handling, 80% of carbon emissions are emitted from exhaust gases. Very promising result! Before its commercialization, viz Planned for 2023Remora is currently Test phase of a fleet of 200,000 trucks. The main project waiting for the company after that Large scale use of landfills across the country. A challenge given the size of America. But if it’s about extracting 80% of CO2 from trucks, The game should be worth the candle.

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