Mac Studios will be delivered later than expected

Mac Studios will be delivered later than expected

If at least A lucky one got his Mac Studio A few days in advance, be more patient than others expected. An hour after the keynote address last Tuesday, the M1 Max model with a 32-core GPU, 64 GB of integrated memory and 1 TB of storage – this is the domain case I ordered for my new computer. The Apple Store showed the delivery date from March 21st to 22nd வரை until tonight when things suddenly change.

It took two weeks for the Mac Studio view to be sent back until April 1-5, which is not (bad) comedy. So, Apple may give him the machine soon, but early next week, it stinks. If you ordered Mac Studio, did you get a delivery date? Dome seems to be no exception

Currently, Apple is sending Mac Studio April 7 to 14 M1 Max, May 17 to 24 M1 Ultra.

Update – According to your many testimonials and our own experience, Apple is obviously having problems with Mac Studio models ordered with options. The machine, which was supposed to be delivered to us from March 21st to 22nd, was also delayed and has now been announced for April 1st to 5th as in the example above. This is a basic Mac Studio, for which we have selected 64 GB of integrated memory and 1 TB SSD.

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