Discover your personality with this visual test ….

Quelle est votre couleur préférée : découvrez votre personnalité grâce à ce test visuel.

This personality test transcends all rules by the ability to reflect feelings, emotions and moods. This gives you the opportunity Complete the test by selecting Simply The color you like the most.

You have to choose the color you want. That’s all. Depending on this, we will leave to you the characteristics of people who choose the same color as you, because our favorite color is not its effect. DangerBut we are an extension of ourselves.

Visual test: What is your favorite color?

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This Further What the psychologist and sociologist say Eva Heller in her book Color Psychology. Here are the options you can choose from, so ask your own preferences in this personality test.

White: It is a favorite color of the people ArrangedIndependent and acting in accordance with logic and common sense.

Yellow: The most contrasting color: optimistic and Jealousy. More joy, understanding and betrayal.

Red: Describes faith and determination Personalities Those who like red. They are people who like action rather than reflection.

Orange: Connected with outgoing personalities, they enjoy being around people. Also, for those in need Approval of others.

Blue: It is the will of those who seek peace Inside And the absolute truth. She addresses Further For those who care about others and their needs.

Black: Similar to people who control and want power. Although it is often associated with those with artistic intuition.

Green: Loyal people And transparent Are inspired by green. The Feeling Peace and harmony are one of the reasons for their choice.

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