Sunlight will soon hit the earth: should we worry?

The sun is currently exploding, causing more or less effects on the planet Earth.
The sun is currently exploding, causing more or less effects on Earth. (© lukszczepanski / Adobe Stock Illustraative Image)

Our good old sun is currently enjoying an eventSolar eruption. In ‘Energy in the form of electromagnetic waves It is ejected and rotates at a speed of 400 to 800 kilometers per second.

For a few days, and until Tuesday evening, March 15, 2022, according to scientistsTo reach the earth by these waves.

Given the size of the Sun – its radius 696,340 kilometers, Earth, 6371 – and its temperatures above average – 5000 degrees above the surface of the burning – fears about this eruption are logical.

Do they affect humans? Should we be afraid of them? Encryption.

“Sun, friend who just doesn’t like you”

“These events happen relatively often. The sun is a friend who just doesn’t like you,” he Jean-Pierre Martin, President of the Astronomical Commission of the French Astronomical Society.

On earth, we are lucky A strong magnetic fieldIt diverts the waves sent by the sun.

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“The Earth’s field splits the most dangerous particles,” the president says. Nature does things well.

In the simulation below, we can see what the sunlight (black dot on the left) looks like when it comes to the earth, generated from real data.

According to Jean-Pierre MartinThe current eruption is too small to have any impact on life on Earth.

On the contrary, In a catastrophic situationFor example, if an astronaut were on the moon and a large solar flare was directed directly at him, “he would take radiation directly at the place where he was receiving relief during the Chernobyl disaster”, imagine Milan Maximovic, CNRS research at the Laboratory and Astronomical Instrument Laboratory at the Paris Laboratory Director.

Material After Effects?

“Devices can also have repercussions,” says CNRS’s research director.

He especially thinks about planes that are forced to change their trajectories during sunlight. Otherwise, passengers on the plane may be exposed to radiation. ⁇

Moreover, when such an event is projected towards the Earth, the first rays coming from the blue planet heat up its atmosphere, which has the effect of elevating it. And it’s dangerous for satellites, they can be annoying, desolate or obvious. Will disappear from radar.

Irretrievably, they fall off when burned in the atmosphere.

This happened recently Elon Musk And his company SpaceX, lost about 40 satellites.

Disruptions have already taken place

But over the years, men have been able to adapt their equipment to these space weather events. Organizations such as the Meteorological Office and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have been set up to prevent them.

When that happens, we monitor the satellites more carefully than usual. You can turn them off, and when the energy wave goes through them, you can turn them back on.

Milan MaximovicDirector of CNRS Research

On the other hand, problems can occur in electrical networks. In 1989 in Quebec, millions of people saw themselves without light for about ten hours.

Telecommunications could be disrupted, as it was in Sweden in 2015. This is another reason why airways change during solar events.

But all of this “is unlikely to happen with such a small explosion,” the researcher promises.

Northern Light

The potential danger to devices is not the only consequence of these solar flares.

“Waves approaching the world trigger oxygen and nitrogen atoms, causing an event that many people would like to observe: the aurora borealis,” explains Jean-Pierre Martin.

Also, the aurora borealis is not a terro-terrier phenomenon as the waves leave the sun in all directions. “We’ve already noticed it on Jupiter or Saturn,” he says.

The space is mysterious, frighteningly beautiful and fascinating.

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